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With its attractive economy, it’s not a surprise that Texas has been attracting many people in recent years. In particular, Dallas saw the largest population growth among many other cities in the United States based on the 2018 census. They recorded a whopping population increase of 132,000 in that year alone.

Their population growth is likewise expected to continue in this decade. With over 1.34 million, Dallas is considered the fourth largest metro in the US, next to New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

Dallas is not just attracting new residents, though. Apart from new dwellers, the city is likewise attractive for businesses. Major corporations are moving their headquarters to the commercial and cultural hub of the region. These international corporations include Toyota, Facebook, American Airlines, Charles Schwab, and Liberty Mutual. These companies will be joining corporations such as Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, Exxon Mobil, and AT&T. No wonder Forbes has even named the Dallas-Fort Worth area as the number one place to invest right now.

With more people and businesses coming in, Dallas has been prospering. That’s undoubtedly enough reason why more people want to live in this modern metropolis now. Despite all these developments over the years, the average home price in Dallas neighborhood is just at $191,000, which is lower than the national average of $202,000.

Rents in the city, particularly for a three-bedroom home, were, on average, $1,525 in 2018, when the highest population growth rate was recorded. The rate is .8% of the purchase price, which is higher than the national average of .71%. It is unbelievable because, in seven years, Dallas’s population growth was 186% faster than the national population growth. It simply means that property owners can surely put a good price on their properties.

When you’re already sold to moving to Dallas, the best places to live and buy single-family homes in the metro would be Southlake, University Park, Highland Park, Fairview, and Prosper. These places recorded the lowest poverty rate, which is less than 4%. They also have an extremely low violent crime index of less than .8%. On top of that, the median household income in Dallas is more than $350,000 per year.

These good indicators likewise pushed Savannah-based MPG Homes  to expand its operation in Dallas. The local company has been helping people in Savannah, Georgia, with their home-selling needs and soon, in Dallas.

The local company buys houses anywhere in Georgia at any price. They purchase real estate in any condition and have the team and resources to improve the most distressed houses. With their talent, MPG Homes can transform these houses into market-ready homes.

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